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                                  DELPHI Ducon 连接器



                                  Description – Delphi’s high-current Ducon connection system in sealed and unsealed versions. Available in three terminal sizes: 4.8 mm, 6.3 mm, 9.5 mm and a high temperature version, 9.5 HT.

                                  4.8 mm connectors

                                  6.3 mm connectors

                                  9.5 mm connectors

                                  Miexd connectors


                                  Typical Applications –

                                  • Blower switches
                                  • Fan devices
                                  • Engine in-line interface (engine / body front harness)
                                  • Doors off connections front and rear
                                  • IP in-line interface (body rear / front harness)
                                  • Ignition switches
                                  • Light module switches
                                  • Fan control units (In-line)
                                  • HVAC
                                  • Power steering
                                  • Transmission

                                  Performance Advantages –

                                  • Superior electric performance within market segment
                                  • Sealed and unsealed systems available
                                  • 9.5 version for 16 mm2 cable crimp


                                  Features Benefits
                                  High energy, high voltage capability – Ideally suited for high power applications. Reduced terminal size.
                                  temperature and
                                  vibration resistance
                                  – Superior performance in engine
                                  compartment areas subject to high
                                  vibration and temperature exposure.
                                  Robust two-piece
                                  – Superior performance for primary and
                                  secondary retention force applications.
                                  Optimal protection for contact area.
                                  Multiple contact
                                  – Key design feature in helping
                                  achieve superior electrical performance.

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